User’s Camera Mod, SONY Filter Set & Moon

Now our modification cost for each user’s camera has been officially set in our price list.

  1. Canon 6D : $350.00
  2. Canon T5i & T6i : $300.00
  3. SONY A7 & A7S : $300.00

Our unique modified camera specs can be seen at



Like Canon body-mounted filter set, we have prepared for same set for SONY too. Each package price should be set at attractive level. Especially as shown in following moon picture, modified camera + HEUIBII is the best combination for perfect color balance.

Last night I took an another lunar shot, taken with 89ED (650mm f.l. with 1.08x flattener) this time. Originally my 1st intention was to see what extra room around the moon in full frame sensor at this focal length. I was curious it could cover the outer corona during the totality of the solar eclipse.

A following is the uncropped original image in full frame sensor at 650mm f.l. I’m not a big fan for imaging during the totality. My priority is to focus on visual observing,  to relax and to memorize the image into my brain through binoscope. So at least I don’t think I will take the hassle action during that time to figure out adjusting ISO and shutter speed etc. But I’m a bit interested in taking corona image if I have “extra” time and intention.


Also I thought, strictly speaking, for the clean corona capture, I need to flatten the image field entire full frame sensor. So I added 7108 (1.08x flattener) too. Since the corona is the extended fuzzy target, there might be no obvious difference between with a flattener and without. But the focusing might affect the sharpness and clarity of corona. In any case, optical distortion is definitely there. At least my image test seems to be what I was hoping at FOV viewpoint.

This is the processed image. Unlike 55FL result, I feel now the optics somehow resolved the moon. My special note is that this was taken in AWB mode by a modified SONY A7 without adjusting color balance. IDAS HEUIBII filter creates the perfect RAW color.


BORG 89ED + 1.08x Flattener (7108) + SONY A7H + IDAS HEUIBII-52

7108 is a universal optical and mechanical design which works with virtually all of refractors from 300mm to 800mm focal length. So it’s a very convenient and good value as a multi-purpose item. BORG 7425 allows to insert 7108 into standard 2″ opening.



~ by tedishikawa on November 12, 2016.

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