SS-One to control ZWO camera & SIGMA 50mm for Orion

SS-One is planning to newly release some controllers worldwide next year. Here is one of them, probably should be called “ZWO camera controller”. So it works with only ZWO camera. As shown below, major feature is the user can handle a camera like DSLR-feeling.

A Raspberry Pi-based controller is operated at 5V. That should be very convenient to the mobile users who own ZWO cameras (especially color).

And a following is SS-One portable GOTO mount we are expecting to start marketing worldwide next year. This small, torqueful and precision motor achieves 300x GOTO pointing without an extra software and hardware. As far as I know, this might be smallest GOTO mount.


Pointing by an arrow is a built-in electric polar alignment device which also works with the controller. DEC unit works as RA single tracking mount too when two are broken up separately. The modular design allows for the easy airline expeditions. This product clearly represents the philosophy of a designer – Simple and Smart, Yes, I fully agree with that.

Here is the 1st test shot taken by Mr.Nakazawa.


(Image data)

ApoSonnar 2/135mm @F2 + ZWO controller
ASI1600MM  Gain 6/25
Total 140min

Only flat applied, no dark. Filter wheel was not controlled by SS-One.

Next is my wide-field image taken last weekend as well.


SIGMA 50mm Art F1.4 at F2.8 + SONY A7H(Option E)+ IDAS HEUIBII-52 + Tak PM-1XGEM2

A guider at the top was not used.  A camera rotator was just comfortable in composing without worrying about losing the weight balance. I think the loss of weight balance will affect RA tracking accuracy, especially when a heavy lens like SIGMA 50mm is used with a small portable mount. So I never use any ball head (even a heavy-duty one) in this situation. I don’t think it works as my expectation.

This might be common targets to most of people. But I’ve never taken like this composing before. orion

40 x 3′ (Dark applied, Xtermintor used for flat)

After finishing the image, I noticed some unexpected targets. Lower’s Nebula and IC2162/2195(probably, too tiny in above picture).



~ by tedishikawa on November 8, 2016.

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