HINODE SG for Eclipse

I have re-processed 10/23/2014 partial eclipse image. First, please take a look at my previous blogs that time. It reminds me of almost 2 years ago. BTW, there was huge sun spots that day!!



Our HINODE SG kept tracking the sun during the entire eclipse. It was about 2 and half hours session according to each image data. However, the sun was shifting based on the shape of the sun. That was what expected.

So I was curious how I could minimize the image shift with today’s software. So I wanted to re-try. Thanks “PIPP”. I used its object centering technique. See my new result.

This processing should be useful for next year’s total eclipse too. I’m not sure what shape of the sun PIPP process for centering though. So unknown factors at this moment are

  1. How late does Hinode SG keep tracking the sun close to the 2nd contact?
  2. How soon does Hindoe SG resume tracking after 3rd contact
  3. How does PIPP handle for centering the sun entire eclipse image from 1st contact to 4th?

Next year’s totality duration is just 2 minutes or so. So I don’t think of big issue for non-tracking during the totality. But I’m curious to see when Hinode SG will stop tracking and re-start. Those are not tested yet.

Following is the PIPP site.


Thank you so much for providing this kind of great freeware to our community.




~ by tedishikawa on November 1, 2016.

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