SS-One Controller from Japan

“SS-one”(Simple, Smart and all-in ONE), the philosophy of Mr.Nakazawa in Japan, who designs the unique palmtop controllers and original portable GOTO mounts.


SS-one products are now available through Hutech worldwide. 1st controller called “KODO”(described as heartbeat in English) is the one for Takahashi PM-1 and PM-SP mounts.

1028bThis small (90 x 45 x 25 mm) box will come with Takahashi PM-1 and PM-SP as standard from now on. Also it will be sold separately for the existing PM-1 and PM-SP users.

1028c 4 Dip switches allow to set PM-1 or PM-SP, Northern or Southern hemisphere, RA or DEC and guide speed. Adding SS-one motor unit along with an extra controller onto DEC section, your Tak mount turns dual axes tracking mount too as shown below.


Also SS-one DEC unit works with other brand single tracking mount too.  I will demonstrate little by little here.  As Mr.Nakazawa’s basic concept, these are actually so simple and smart design.

The further refined and more feature-rich version of palmtop controller is scheduled to be released next year. It will be shown up here along with SS-one GOTO mount. I’m sure that will become the most advanced complete system to control a tracking mount, an auto guiding camera and an imaging camera all together by a small box – meaning his “all in one” philosophy as mentioned the above. All are very unique and something special. Please keep your eye open on SS-one products.



~ by tedishikawa on October 28, 2016.

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