Big Solar Activity Today! and KENKO Reticle

I got so excited once I saw 1st test shot this morning. Wow, several big prominence there and image looked good.  I’m not sure the factor for the better image. Field flattener?, or clean air after unusual raining, or tilt tuning? It might be all of them. Last time, I used a prototype of flattener. Since it has no index mark, I made completely wrong setting.

Anyway, a following single shot is better than last one.

1025aAt least I’m glad to realize a 1.08x field flattener seems to make the image better.

This is uncropped solar image scale at 650 mm f.l. of BORG 89ED with 1.08x in ZWO 178MM chip. It looks the perfect match. I don’t think the prominence goes beyond the vertical sensor size. As long as I use ZWO 178MM, this should be the dedicated optical system. A field flattener allows me to use entire sensor area without any concern now. Finally I feel I have reached a kind of level as a single frame without stacking I was expecting at the beginning.


The interval shot is still on-going. I look forward to see what kind of time-lapse movie will come up. It will be tomorrow.

BTW, 1st lot of a new KENKO reticle has been sold out. Please wait for next shipment. It might take a time until coming in next.


~ by tedishikawa on October 25, 2016.

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