MASUYAMA 32mm & Astro Image

First, I’d like to thank all of customers who already purchased the eyepiece. All of 1st lot we received have been sold out quickly last week and we are now arranging 2nd shipment from Japan. We are expecting they should come in next week. Agena Astro should have the sufficient number of units in stock as well. So please contact them if someone are interested.

mop-32Thanks for the patience of the customer who are waiting for MASUYAMA 32mm.

Sam Berrada in Canada sent me his recent Ha monochrome image taken with 6DH. Looks very good contrast.

fullsizerenderBORG 90FL F4 + 6DH, 12 x 7′ at ISO 1250

BTW, I went for HONDA’s fuel cell car presentation and drove their Clarity last week. They displayed Toyota Mirai and Clarity side by side. Honda wanted to clarify the difference of each concept. Yes, at the viewpoint of the overall quality as a car, I agree Clarity should cost more than Mirai’s.

Left is Mirai while right is Clarity. As usual, Toyota’s engine room is more simplified(?) or organized(?) cost-saved(?) while Honda’s is complicated. I always feel these might show each corporate engineering culture.

One good thing for me is there is Hydrogen refueling station just a mile away from my office.

Mirai’s 3-year lease offer is $350 a month and free refueling during the entire lease period. According to Honda, their lease should be similar to Toyora too. It’s bargain!! Probably the number of production is very limited for a while. I guess so many number of waiting list must be piled up quickly. In any case, it must take long time until they can start making the profit from these cars at this level of lease price.

If the fuel cell is categorized as motor-driven car along with EV, I think Honda Clarity should be compared with other luxurious EV. And 300+ driving range and quick refueling time, fuel cell seems to be more practical, at least looks so to me. For safety issue, Toyota is one of most conservative company in the world. I’m sure they have cleared all of aspects during the long-time crash test. Also the philosophy of Mr.Honda was the safety was the top-priority. So I’d like to trust Japanese engineering for safety and protection.





~ by tedishikawa on October 24, 2016.

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