Rigel Motorized Focuser Option & Solar Movie

I noticed Rigel’s motorized focuser retrofit option seems to be more cost-effective solution. Some BORG users who are interested in PC control, please check their web site.



According to their web site, one of good features looks quick detach/attach function. I’m not sure how. But it looks convenient.

I used BORG 1.08x field flattener for solar imaging first time to “hopefully” improve off-axis image. Thanks for 2″ straight-type blocking filter.


A following is a pure single frame (without stacking multiple frames) with a field flattener. 1.08x ratio takes up to 650mm focal length. As shown below, this looks the longest focal length in 1/1.2″ sensor(13.4mm diagonal) for solar full disc.


BORG 89ED with BORG 1.08x (=650mm f.l.) + SF50 + ZWO 174MM


Unusual acrobatic situation at the end of imaging session after passing the meridian.


Hinode solar guider, which maintains the sun at the center without the polar alignment


A field flattener is in place.


~ by tedishikawa on October 21, 2016.

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