Deep-sky Shots & Solar Time-lapse Movie

One of Hutech cooled 6D camera users – Fritz Kleinhans shared his great pictures for deep-sky targets. Since this blog mainly shows wide-field image only, I thought these are something very fresh. Click to link to each his page.



I took series of solar image. Although my result is totally different level from recent Charles ones, I think this is somehow the best I can do as a lazy man at this moment. 66 single shots through SF50 and BORG 50FL F8 in 3-hour duration.

1017aI will try with a longer focal length optics next time. I hope the shutter speed will be still high enough. I’m still hesitating to make the efforts for stacking a number of shots to create one image frame. It requires the tremendous efforts I’m not totally pleased with. I wonder if someone will write up the program which allows for the batch process for multiple image holders throughout by one click.


~ by tedishikawa on October 17, 2016.

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