Meade LX-90 with BORG

As everyone knows, a double fork mount is the stability king. I’m sure it should be most beneficial for binoscope system. While waiting for a new bino platform’s coming up, I start using LX-90 with BORG single scope.


Since Meade removed the sun from object library, what I did was

  1. One-star alignment by selecting daytime’s nearest star to the sun – “Regulus”
  2. Press GO-TO Mercury, center by fully guessing with a smartphone planetarium software and sync
  3. Then, manually move to the sun by a hand controller

Of course, the sun is slowly drifting. But not much soon.  It was there in longer period than I thought. That’s good enough.

I saw nice and big spots today. The image stability during focusing is the one I was expecting. Comfortable very much!!

LX-90 doesn’t have the auto-guider port. But an optional cable allows to convert AUX port into guiding use. I’m so curious if it works with our Hinode solar guider or not in alt-az mode. One day I wish to try it out.

BTW, above method for pointing and observing the sun is fully responsible for each user. Keep in mind, at least Meade clearly doesn’t recommend this use.

Especially LX-series mount is originally to be used with SCT scope only. So the scope itself is not intended to be used for the sun either.




~ by tedishikawa on October 6, 2016.

3 Responses to “Meade LX-90 with BORG”

  1. Hey Ted,

    What adapter did you use to mount the 90FL on the LX-90?



  2. Ted,
    I’d love to see a Bino adapter for the iOptron Minitower/Minitower II/Pro. There are a lot of those mounts out there. This adapter would then be good for any alt/az side-attach mount.

    • Brian,

      We do have the bino arm for single fork mount already.
      #ALTM is the one. You didn’t have that?


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