KENKO Reticle, Milky-Way Shot & MASUYAMA 32mm Eyepiece

We have completed shipping all latest reticles out from 1st lot to pre-order customers. Now please wait for 2nd lot, which expects more number of pieces will come in.



One of Takahashi PM-1 users – Rob Bishop looks enjoying his PM-1 mount. Here is his recent ultra wide-field Milky-way shot.


And following is his comment.

One more shot from the Fuji / Tak PM1 combo – this one a widefield Milky Way mosaic using the Fuji 23mm 1.4 @ 2.8, Fuji XT-1 @ ISO 1600.  This is 2 panels, each 17x120sec processed in PixInsight.  This was taken over the weekend at Pickett State Park, a dark sky preserve about 150 miles from my house.  This is the kind of thing I am able to do now that I have the PM1 – the G11/Tak102/QSI combo wouldn’t fit in the car w all my kids and camping gear, but with the PM1 it is easy to pack, easy to set up, and just performs.

MASUYAMA new model – 32mm/85-degree is scheduled to come up within a week or so. I already arranged to have in US. Once it comes in, it will be available at Agena Astro too. If someone are interested, please contact Agena for the reservation. Price is not set yet.




~ by tedishikawa on October 6, 2016.

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