BORG Binoscope with GOTO and Tracking Capability

My most unforgettable view so far was the Jupitar through BORG 125SD Bino. It was really amazing. But the scopes were only handled by Vixen HF (double fork) mount with a swing bracket. All of single fork mounts I tried were too unstable for 2 x 125SDs. So I had to give up tracking capability. (90FL bino with a single fork is still very shaking under high power observing) I recalled I was very busy to manually and continuously keep chasing the target by push/pull way under high power magnification. It was very painful. So after that, the tracking-capable double fork mount, this was my goal. Now it’s getting real.

My long-time partner – Beat of AOK Swiss made 1st test unit of a swing bracket for LX-90 8″ mount and now is working a new bino platform. (Above pictures just show the expected future style). A present platform doesn’t mechanically fit.

I’m sure this makes binoscope viewing much more comfortable – keeps tracking under high power and easily pointing a specific target by a machine. No more hassle for push/pull manual track and point, it looks very charm.

Until LX-90/8 bino platform will commercially come up, I start testing a swing bracket with a single scope.

These both are fully in balance with free clamp. I have realized the scope’s height is the key for weight balance. Good to know that in 1st test.

A newly-designed LX-90/8 binoscope platform handles all of Mini BORG systems and Series 80 scopes up to 90FL/89ED. BORG’s 107FL is unfortunately too wide for LX-90/8. For non-BORG scopes, I think Takahashi FS-60C bino seems to be largest possible for this setup.

Also keep in mind, the scope has to be short enough for pointing to the zenith in alz-az mode. So longer focal length scopes, even they are small apertures, are not practical either. For myself, BORG 90FL bino seems to be the realistically best in size, weight and the aperture. I can see myself I will more hesitate to lift up and carry larger and heavier scopes. So this should be most realistic myself as the ultimate and lifetime-long binoscope system including a tracking mount. LX-90 8″ mount was lighter than I thought, and very solid and stable as expected. Well-made and finished!! And I think LX-90’s built-in GPS receiver unit helps simpler initial alignment and more accurate pointing. I love LX-90, the best match with high-quality binoscopes.  Hutech plans to carry LX-90 as one of Meade dealer too.

And next year’s my dream comes close – binoscope viewing for prominence during the totality. I might cry if it could happen.


~ by tedishikawa on October 4, 2016.

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