BORG 200 mm F.L. is a really fun scope

As mentioned here several times, 200 mm focal length with full frame sensor is really fun to compose, and look at the picture result and a star atlas side by side. I can learn more about each object’s location. Here is one of last weekend’s results.rosetteBORG 55FL F3.6 + IDAS LPS-V4-52 + Cooled 6D, 16 x 5′ at ISO 1000. The flat only applied.

I’m still struggling for the flat during post processing. I don’t have such difficulty through HEUIBII filter at all. When LPS-V4 filter is used, probably the color balance between flat and light frame does’t match. I guess that’s reason. I will consider better way.

Anyway, following is what I’m enjoying these days. There are various my unknown objects in a frame. It’s fun to find them out while looking at my picture and the map side-by-side. Bluish one was not expected or paid attention at all. NGC 2245? or 2247? At least I’m glad to have included Sh2-282 in a same frame.

I feel 200 mm + full frame is the best combination to learn the details of night sky. Probably shorter F.L. is too wide while longer is too narrow to see each location.

1003bAnd this was the system I used for the above. I set a guide camera as a counterweight to a heavy camera. 200mm with 5 minutes was short enough for non-guiding. Thanks for Takahashi mount and accurate polar scope.

1003a A red-dot finder is just convenient enough for pointing and composing.


~ by tedishikawa on October 3, 2016.

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