KENKO Polar Scope Reticle

Finally a latest reticle have come in stock. We received only limited number of pieces this time, which are already reserved by long-time waiting customers. The kit comes with a special allen wrench. But a user needs to prepare for a spanner wrench shown in a picture. Usually a caliper can work as spanner wrench. But the reticle location is a bit too deep at least for my caliper to reach a retaining ring. Probably mostly same. So most likely you will need long leg type shown in a picture.


As shown below, a reticle is sandwiched between retaining rings to allow for the alignment. After setting back a new reticle, each user can precisely align the optical axis by push/pull way with a special allen wrench.

reticle3Now we are working on the instruction sheet for replacement/alignment procedure. The price of kit is $45.00


Now a new reticle will work up to 2030.


~ by tedishikawa on September 27, 2016.

2 Responses to “KENKO Polar Scope Reticle”

  1. Ted,

    What’s the diameter of the new reticle?



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