Takahashi Portable Mounts

As expected, I’m getting very good feedback from various Takahashi portable mount owners these days. As one of users myself, that’s nothing special.

Yes, they are probably most expensive mounts in the market. But especially portable mount is the one to be generally used in remote site. Driving there, setting up and using. All have to be done as expected. If something doesn’t go normally, all are the waste of time. In my opinion, I’m paying such an extra value for the reliability. The spending time at remote site is priceless.

Anyway, we are now planning some new configurations as add-on features.

  1. New controller for PM-SP and PM-1 – It has ST-4 guide port as standard.
  2. Optional DEC motor unit, which allows for dual-axes guiding.
  3. Standalone(PC-less) guider to be used with ZWO camera(user selectable) as a guider. Controls most of consumer cameras like CANON and SONY, and assists focusing by unique way. (Basically this will work with any other mount).
  4. All are operated at 5V through regular USB port.

Since Takahashi’s polar scope is well aligned at the factory, I don’t think we need DEC correction during imaging in most of cases. But DEC motor is essential for solar guiding. So I decided to carry DEC motor unit as option. Good thing is it is the user-reconfigurable, simply adding DEC motor unit or removing as shown the above. Current owner can simply replace Tak original controller with a new model without any retrofit work.

I will keep updated these items time to time.




~ by tedishikawa on September 20, 2016.

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