Fujifilm Cameras for Astro Photography

As mentioned here several times, Fuji’s sensor well captures Ha spectrum as it is. The transmission rate at Ha looks close to Canon 60Da. See the recent result taken by Rob Bishop. Very nice and clean wide-field image. This looks finishing up Fuji’s Provia-like film image for me.

robbishopm42Fuji XT-1, 16 x 2’+some of 10″ @ISO800 – Takahashi FS60C F4 – PM-1 Mount

Rob is enjoying with his new Takahashi portable mount as well. PM-1 mount is not too small and not too big, not too light and not too heavy. In my opinion as one of users like him, the mount is perfect as portable mount in size and weight. For stability, we need some level of weight and solidness in my feeling. I fully agree PM-1 meets those mechanically, and optically as polar scope accuracy.

Now IDAS starts testing body-mounted filters for Fuji X-mount camera. Here is 1st prototype – FX filter.

More similar shape to SONY A7 filter. But unlike A7, unfortunately no magnets work.  IDAS is preparing for slightly different type from current LPS filter. The product concept is the one for the nighttime photography with the stocked camera. As I described, Fuji’s color reproduction is so good and beautiful. So we are considering to maximize Fuji camera in astro performance without modifying the camera body, so that we can continue to enjoy their original color.

Finally Fujifilm announced the medium-format camera – GFX50S. Personally this was greatest news for me in the year.

gfxI heard that before. But I thought this was still at engineering stage. Surprisingly they say they schedule to release early of 2017. Really?? Just a moment, I’m not ready yet…..

6 lenses are planned. I understand Fujinon is fully capable of designing and producing the medium format lenses.

I want to applaud Fujifilm’s serious decision to go up to more professional or industrial markets like they did before in film era. The camera is looking so cool for me. As Fuji’s big fan, I want to try to follow up their way as much as I can.



~ by tedishikawa on September 20, 2016.

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