Filter Quick Release Solution for Solar Eclipse

IDAS broadband solar filter is fully secured because of the threaded mount. That’s very good. But not much for total eclipse. So I was looking for good quick release solution. This is it.


XUME Quick Release Adapter

I bought 52mm type for testing first. The adapter consists of 2 pieces – one for lens side and another for a filter, and two rings are simply mated with NdFeB magnet. The magnet strength is very realistic, not too strong and not too loose. I purchased one starter kit including 2 filter holders and an extra lens adapter. I highly recommend this item the customers who own IDAS solar filters and plan to use in next year’s total eclipse. You won’t miss the beginning of the totality with this solution.

My goal for the next year’s eclipse is to entirely observe with 90FL binoscope with 82mm solar filters. So definitely I will get a pair of 82mm adapters. This is exactly what I was seeking for. Thanks, Xume!





~ by tedishikawa on September 16, 2016.

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