IDAS 玄天(=Guenten) QRO Filters

Now IDAS’s new type of filters will be commercially available soon. The filters are ranked at top of the line among IDAS products. 玄天 (pronounced as “guenten”) should be described as a kind of (I think) “the nature of the universe” in Japanese. It’s hard to mention because of philosophical term. Anyway, these are considered as premium quality now.

d1-qro52Features are;

a) 1.1 mm thick of glass. (Current ones are 2.5 mm thickness)

Today’s modern optical design of camera lens or telescope reducer is very sensitive to the changes of optical distance and refraction by an extra glass in optical train to the sensor. The thinner minimizes being affected by those two factors.

b) Precision machined-made frame.

This knife-edge top ring along with matte-finish taper shape design dramatically reduces the ghost reflections from bright stars outside of framing.

LPS-D1-48QRO and 52QRO should come in stock shortly. It is $239.00 each. HEUIBII will be available next. LPS-V4 is currently not scheduled yet.

QRO Series are mainly mechanically more refined while maintaining the IDAS proprietary multi bandpass technology.

Once 1st lot comes in Hutech, I will write up more details here.






~ by tedishikawa on September 10, 2016.

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