Helical Focusing Solution for Myself – Older Person

I’ve never used the camera’s WiFi function. I didn’t feel it’s needed in my imaging style. But I can’t resist that any more since getting harder to see camera screen. Especially Canon 6D has no tilt screen. So I had to look up from ground. I didn’t mind much before. But these days it’s getting hard to stay in such unusual style. So I thought camera’s extra feature makes focusing more comfortable.


I bought a hanging holder from Amazon. Fortunately there are many hanging sections at a mount and a telescope. Some advantages (in my personal feeling)  in this setup are;

  1. Now this allows me to stand at the side of a scope. This makes helical focusing work relatively easier. We can grab a focuser by both hands. My tip is to rotate by fingers. Don’t move a hand to rotate. Set each palm section on focuser body and touch rubber section with fingers. Then, one hand’s fingers use for rotating purpose while another hand’s fingers work as braking. This technique achieves very precise focus control by adjusting every finger’s touching strength. If someone have never done, try and see.
  2.  Front focuser is located at relatively higher point. I think this is especially comfortable with portable mounts. This allows to rotate a focuser and view smartphone screen in comfort.
  3. This allows to point a scope more up toward the zenith. Generally helical focuser moves more smoothly when a scope is set more vertically. We can control focusing with more light touch feeling while standing in comfortable style. In a picture, a camera is only 3 feel high from a floor. I don’t think it is comfortable even to me.

~ by tedishikawa on August 18, 2016.

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