More BORG Precise Focusing with TS Focus Rings

This should be good news for all of BORG helical focuser users. After several field test myself, I have decided to carry these great products from German Telescope Service. Focus rings work very well with all of BORG helical focusers. See some setup.

The concept and structure are positively very simple. But effectively works well. Easy to attach and detach. Nylon(?) screws prevent focuser bodies from scratching or making spots. But hard enough to grab the body.

Part # TS105FR : for BORG M75 helical focuser and most of camera lenses up to 105mm OD

Part # TS75FR : for BORG 7835 and all M57 helical focuser. And for camera lenses less than 75mm OD

BORG helical focuser is already precise enough. With this, probably you should be able to achieve more precise control in a couple of micron resolution. So more than enough. I tested with stars last night. DSLR’s rear LCD screen is too small or too coarse to see focusing change when I try to adjust slowly by slowly. Camera lens’s helical focuser is much more coarse. So that should be more useful.

Some extra benefits are

  1. We don’t have to lock down helical focuser thumbscrew(s). Push/pull screws keep pressing each other at middle of the bar. Unlike crayford and R&P focuser, helical mechanism is strong enough toward straight direction. But this secures more.
  2. When a helical focuser is stressed a lot by a heavy equipment, sometime backlash occurs at reverse direction. But by continuously pressing to a middle bar by a pull screw, this prevents happening.


I also tested with a motor. This is my 1st experience for the electrical focusing. As expected, I could focus the sun spots without vibrating the scope. It was very comfortable. No shaking zoom-up liveview image during focusing eases the determination of focus point. I decided to continue to do by this way from now.

The focuser shown above is 7835. One index indicates 90 micron focus distance. I measured how long it took time moving one mark to the another. It was around 20 seconds!! even fastest motor speed was set. So I’m sure slower motor speed is too slow for all of BORG helical focusers.

As mentioned the above, BORG helical focusers are precise enough in my opinion. But this allows for more precise focus control. Also these rings can be used with conventional camera lenses as shown above. So I’m sure this is very good value. Motor control should be suitable for the solar, lunar and planetary imaging to eliminate the scope shaking. Great products!! Highly recommended.


~ by tedishikawa on August 16, 2016.

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