BORG Black 90FL Bino & Metal Tripod for Takahashi EM-11

This is a picture from AOK Swiss. Their new setup as 90FL Black version. I will switch my 90FLs to the black finish sometime soon. Looking very nice!binoWe are preparing to promote binoscope as more total system including the tracking mount. I will announce the details whenever we will be ready. I believe a new system should be very comfortable for all of bino users.

Following is a picture from Kok Chen in Oregon. He owns Takahashi EM-11 mount. This time, he has switched to Takahashi metal tripod and half pillar. These were originally designed for PM-1 mount. But the adapter allows to mount EM-11 (and technically even EM-200 too). As mentioned earlier, Takahashi metal tripod is super solid and lightweight. Really good quality.

IMG_0676.JPGIf someone of the existing EM-11 users are looking for more portability solution without compromising steadiness and solidness, this is it.




~ by tedishikawa on August 15, 2016.

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