M31 Image Update & 67FL/Pocket BORG

I did one more tweak on my M31 image. I think this should be a bit better finish. Overall, I’ve never adjust background color. Thanks for the color balance of IDAS HEUIBII filter. That’s really helpful to ease the image processing a lot.

Next month, I will take shots with LPS-V4 to more isolate Ha region as well as HEUIBII for overall color channels. I’m curious how it will finish up. LPS-V4 is not recommended for galaxies because of they are broadband spectrum objects. But I wonder if it works to isolate Ha region and allows for longer exposure to capture more photon. Let me test and see.


BORG 90FL F4 + Cooled 6D + IDAS HEUIBII-52


The production of BORG 67FL and Pocket BORG have been discontinued, and now they are only available from last stock. These were typically BORG-like products and very popular for birders. But they will fade out as a part of continuously reorganizing BORG lineup.


~ by tedishikawa on August 9, 2016.

2 Responses to “M31 Image Update & 67FL/Pocket BORG”

  1. Beautiful result with the new color balance Ted, congratulations. The 90FL is working splendidly.

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