SIGMA 20mm & Takahashi Metal Tripod

My damaged 20mm/F1.4 lens has finally come back after fixed. It was very shameful that I dropped it down to the floor before starting actually shooting.  It took time since it had to be shipped back to the factory in Japan. The damage was more severe than I thought. Anyway now I can use it this weekend.  I’m glad to get it back before the milky way is gone.


Basically no need auto-guiding. But I want to just do dithering for the smoother background.

Takahashi metal tripod and pillar are super light (8 lbs combined) and incredibly solid. Even I try to force to twist, nothing happens. I love them. It’s short (34″ high) as portability. But I don’t mind for my body size at all. This turns most favorite mount system at this moment. EM-200 is a bit too heavy for myself and my optical system.

BTW, one of good things for PM-1 mount is that its accessories are compatible with EM series mounts. Here is one example. Following picture shows EM-11 adapter.


I set my EM-200. It fits too. But looks a bit too much. EM-11 should be the best match with this tripod and pillar. Also PM-1’s shaft diameter is same as EM-11 and EM-200 too. It means PM-1’s counterweight can be used for those mounts too. If someone looking for lighter counterweight than original ones, this 1.4kg weight might be good choice. I’m using it with EM-200 for lighter system setup. It’s convenient. Sometime too heavy counterweight is annoying.


~ by tedishikawa on July 26, 2016.

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