BORG New F4 Astrograph Sets & 107FL with SD Quattro

Following M75 helical focuser versions are now available.


Part #69711 : $1,850.00

including 2573*, 7875, 7051, 7026, 7801, 7507, 7352, 7872 & 7000

* 2673 is 71FL objective assembly without M57 extension tube


69901 Part # 69901 : $2,495.00

including 2591, 7875, 7051, 7026, 7801, 7507, 7352, 7872 & 7000

They are really beautiful mechanically and optically. The above each picture shows the front focuser configuration. But you may set the focuser at the rear or reverse the focuser’s direction too, depending on your favorite or OTA’s weight balance. Each package includes 7352 as a camera rotator and 7000. So the system will be complete by adding a specific DSLR adapter.

Take a close look at the full resolution image taken by BORG 107FL and SIGMA SD Quattro.

SDIM0389xxxst1As expected, fluorite lens and Foveon sensor look the perfect combination in resolution and color depth.

P3720888st1I understand many customers are seriously interested in 107FL. I appreciate that. I will announce more details including the price whenever ready. BORG is scheduling to start shipping by end of this year. Please be patient a little bit more. As shown above picture, 107FL will be still categorized as Series 80 family. So if you have series 80 OTA already, you can easily upgrade to 107FL with minimum investment. The above carrying bag is # 5414.  4″-plus scope with a camera can be put into 670mm long bag when the objective section is collapsed. Very compact!! 

SIGMA SD adapter is considered of commercially available from BORG too. SIGMA-san, where is my camera? I can’t stand any more.


~ by tedishikawa on July 19, 2016.

4 Responses to “BORG New F4 Astrograph Sets & 107FL with SD Quattro”

  1. Incredibly impressive photo of the heron catching a fish! Stunning!

  2. Hey Ted,

    I already have the Borg 71FL setup with the Feather Touch 2″ focuser operated with a MotoFocus. i am quite pleased with that setup.

    Manual focusing is a very individualistic thing. “Young” eyes have a better chance at hitting the “sweet spot” than do “older” ones. I use my Canon 60Da for most of my work. I also often use the magnified live view for focusing assistance.

    So, my question is, just how much better would my “old” eyes see the small change the M75 produces, and just how much better would it be, especially at its rather expensive price?

    Thanks, Ted,


    • Perry,

      That should fully depend on the individual favorite.

      I like a helical focuser as my personal favorite instead of crayford for imaging.

      But I prefer to caryford for visual use.

      Also I don’t use PC at the field. So motorized focus is not

      my plan either.

      I believe each person has each different feeling and opinion.

      That’s good enough.


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