Veil Nebula

I processed Veil image shown a couple of days ago. I took dark frames too. But I didn’t feel it needed. So the dark is not applied to this image.


BORG 90FL F4 + Cooled 6D (- 4 degree Celsius) + IDAS HEUIBII-52, 16 x 5 minutes at ISO800

Camera is not strictly temperature-regulated. But during entire imaging session, it was very stable. Very consistent at frozen temperature. And of course, no dew and frost formation over the night. Well built.

As mentioned the above, I don’t feel I need to prepare dark frame library. Only extra shots needed were the flat. I understand my flat image is not proper yet. I need to do something better to take the flat.

Here is the dark image even if abnormally stretched out. So I don’t feel the sensor needs to cool down any more.


Personally I’m very happy for this camera. Expensive, but reasonable value in my opinion.

And after all, no color adjustment made either. Great performance of IDAS HEUIB filter. Highly recommended for modified DSLR users.


~ by tedishikawa on July 8, 2016.

2 Responses to “Veil Nebula”

  1. Beautiful image, Ted. The 90FL is a great scope, and the cooled camera works well. I wonder what the uncooled 6D would look like by comparison. Did you dither the individual exposures?

    • Hi Fred

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I did dithering guide. But I don’t think any difference in a cooled camera.

      I think dark subtraction and dithering are very practical and effective technique. No doubt about, But they “reduce” random noise. So I think there are still hidden noise on processed image.

      Meanwhile, light frame by a cooled 6D is noise-free. I can’t compare scientifically. But I think we can see the obvious difference when we strongly stretch out the image. It turns noisy in the image even the dark and dithering applied, while it is still clean in a cooled 6D image. Maybe that’s the real value for a cooled 6D. There is no noise in the original RAW file That’s a king.

      2016-07-08 16:00 GMT-07:00 DigiBorg :


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