MASUYAMA Eyepices & Astro Image

As announced earlier, Masuyama’s 45mm and 50mm are now available. Agena Astro has in stock as well.

See prices and specs

A new BORG user in Slovenia took 1st test shot with his newly acquired BORG 55FL F3.6


I went to OCA club observing site last weekend. It’s been really for a while since I had severe back problem last year. I think more than 10 months. I needed the time to recall all of procedure.


BORG 90FL F4 with cooled 6D, through IDAS HEUIB-II filter

Thanks for cooling. It was retaining the freezing temperature even if hot California high desert.

This is a single(5-minute at ISO 800) frame without dark and flat. I wanted to just make quick pre-check my image result since I was not sure each frame was taken by right way. It was just converted from RAW and only stretched with Photoshop. That’s all. Nothing else. Thanks for IDAS HEUIB-II filter. It doesn’t require background color adjustment for the image even taken by modified DSLR. It creates the perfect background color balance under moderate dark sky. Again, keep in mind, only one shot, no dark and no flat, and no color balance adjustment.


A cooled 6D went down to below zero C even in hot summer night and was maintaining consistent temperature during imaging session. Thanks again for cooled 6D, HEUIBII filter and BORG optical performance for entire full frame sensor.

BTW, this is one of dark frames. I just took just in a case. Probably no need to apply the dark. I think I can say virtually “noise-free”.  I just downgraded JPEG grade to make a small file size. So it’s still full pixel sizes.

_MG_99325 minutes at ISO 800

(Download, open with Photoshop, and extremely stretch to see)

Following was 2nd system with BORG 55FL F3.6 and SONY A7.



~ by tedishikawa on July 6, 2016.

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