Takahashi Portable Mount

PM-1 has been released as a conventional Germany equatorial portable mount. Now it will be available as a single tracking basic set soon.


Features are;

  1. Super solid robust body with built-in precision polar scope and alt-az fine adjustment mechanism
  2. 10kg or more load capacity (To be specified more later)
  3. Capable of o to 60 degree altitude
  4. Great tracking accuracy as other Takahashi EM series mounts
  5. 4 units of Japanese-made precision ball bearings achieve sufficient load capacity as well as tracking accuracy
  6. Built-in two levelers assist more accurate polar alignment
  7. Various options to convert to PM-1 original dual German mode or single axis German setup. Or side-by-side configuration.

See some examples.



I have realized the mount supports up to the equator location too. Actually I didn’t pay attention much since I’m living at moderate altitude area. I verified that. Wow, this is very good design. To achieve that, probably we need to use a half pillar as shown below though.

0701a And Hutech is now preparing for the retrofitted autoguider port for the original controller.

PM-1_HB3I will announce more details – prices and specs as soon as all will be ready.


~ by tedishikawa on July 1, 2016.

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