Another Guide Scope Setup & BORG 107FL Test Image

I think this is one of smallest but still reliable imaging setup.


MR320 mounting ring holds KOWA 75mm c-mount lens

MRB2 riser block is used to make more room for camera body. If someone is looking for the guide scope setup at the top of conventional camera lens, this should be good solution. And you can rotate a camera for composing without losing the weight balance.

MR320 is originally designed for Pocket BORG, but it perfectly fits some of KOWA lenses.

Another similar ring – MR317 fits 1.25″ OD eyepiece type camera such as Lodestar.  So if you use Kowa lens and 1.25″ OD camera, you can clamp 2 sections.

This is an another test shot with 107FL by Naoki Nakanishi.


BORG 107FL Prototype + 1.08x flattener (#7108) + M75 helical focuser + SBIG ST-8300M with Ha filter, 21 x 10 minutes

107FL is still scheduled to be commercially available within this year. Please wait for the further update.


~ by tedishikawa on June 30, 2016.

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