New BORG 90FL/71FL Astrograph/Visual Packages

Now following new packages are available. Unlike existing astrograph systems, it includes drawtube holder, which is very suitable for visual use. I should say these allow for more versatile configurations.

 69710Part # 69710 : $1,495.00

69900Part # 69900 : $2,175.00

Each price is exactly same as F4 astrograph set. So let me clarify how different it is each other.

  1. Major difference is with drawtube or without.
  2. These new packages don’t include M57 camera rotator (#7352) while dedicated F4 system does. So previous sets are ideal for imaging purpose.
  3. New package’s drawtube has a plenty of focus travel. So just replacing the reducer unit with 2″ holder such as #7504, new system easily turns visual configuration. Meanwhile, the dedicated astrograph system has very limited focus travel. So a system might require some M57 extension tubes to adjust distance depending on eyepieces.
  4. As telephoto lens for wildlife photography, new set should be convenient since it allows to reach focus at various distance. Meanwhile, astrograph set is basically intended for the infinity focusing only.

So the determination depends on your priority. Mainly for astro imaging? it should be 1st package. For both or as telephoto lens? new package should be more convenient to use.

These packages are now available through all of BORG dealers.








~ by tedishikawa on June 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “New BORG 90FL/71FL Astrograph/Visual Packages”

  1. Hello Ted!

    I have a 77ED with the f5.5, the f4.3 reducers, and all the extensions and adapters for astrophotography. My question: will the 90FL work with the two reduces I already have?

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