Pocket BORG Guider Set & Solar Image

Pocket BORG Guider package is now available. This full package includes a pair of mounting rings.


AG25 (6024 + 2 x MR320) for 1.25″ nosepiece attachment : $199.00

AG25T (6024+7362+7522+2 x MR320) for t-mount camera : $259.00

AG25C (6024+7362+7522+ T/C + 2 x MR320) for c-mount camera : $289.00

Pocket BORG is 25mm aperture, F7 scope. But today’s sensitive cameras should work well. Actually this is high quality achromat telescope. Pocket BORG weighs only 150g.

MR320 fits KOWA’s C-mount camera. A similar part – MR317 fits 1.25″ OD eyepiece-like autoguider camera such as Lodestar etc.

One of serious solar imagers in Canada – Charles Shahar sent the links to his recent superb solar animation. Hinode SG allows him for long imaging session each time.

  • Wait to complete downloading.

Cropped: Closeup on Sunspot


Cropped: AR2553 & Environs


Cropped: Plage Regions

Taken with a 4-inch refractor, Daystar Quantum 4A H-alpha filter, and a ZWO ASI 174MM video CCD.


~ by tedishikawa on June 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “Pocket BORG Guider Set & Solar Image”

  1. Hey Ted,

    Is that truly a “guider,” or is it a “finder” scope??



  2. Perry,

    It’s a true telescope.


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