SIGMA Quattro & 30mm Art

Finally  SIGMA USA has officially announced SD Quattro will start shipping early of July. (it will be available at the shop from July 7th in Japan).

SDQBody only : $799.00

SDQ30.jpg 30mm F1.4 Art lens kit : $999.00

 A lens looks good finish too. Camera price seems to be very generous. I thought it would be around twice more. Thanks Sigma. This looks showing they are seriously competing with any other brand in same field now. I’m so curious how Foveon-based SD’s color depth is good as Fuji X-mount camera’s I like currently best. Also I’m interested in taking lunar and solar shots though BORG scopes too. Camera’s resolution should be best match with BORG. AC adapter will be available from Sigma. And cable release looks available from JJC too. Looks all ready to go.

BTW, this is latest Foveon sensor. I pasted from Sigma Japan site.


Looks like similar to LRGB concept. Top layer creates the actual number of pixels and luminous as well as blue signal. Lower layers are generally less sensitive. But large pixel size. Interesting concept.


~ by tedishikawa on June 24, 2016.

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