OPT Show & Nature Photography

We had OPT show last weekend. The overcast is common at Oceanside by marine layer. But it was hot and somehow clear sky day. Hinode SG kept tracking the sun most of the day until the clouds came up. opt.jpg

Some new pictures. All are different scopes and cameras. This is one of biggest advantages for BORG as a telephoto lens. BORG doesn’t choose a camera. Open interface optics as camera lens.

BORG 36ED + Fuji X-M1 by Horikoshi

Moon_12_4 rg6_s

BORG 90FL + ZWO ASI178MM, stacked best 200 frames among 2000 by PEC


Common Kestrel, BORG 89ED + M75 Iris + Pentax K-3 by Takaaki Kasahara

d3e5fd029de7c2b9d9cb9199609061fddd24fb3d.jpgBORG 77EDII + Olympus E-M5 Mark II by YG

All are very sharp and high color contrast images!!


~ by tedishikawa on June 21, 2016.

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