BORG 90FL with Vixen 2.4mm – conclusion

Last night, the sky was totally clear and no marine layer either. So I spent time for long observing. My conclusion is the best match for my planetary use. I don’t have many eyepieces and don’t have a plenty of visual experiences. So this is just such a level of personal opinion. But at least I didn’t see any unpleasant image degradation at 208x power. I didn’t have to try to go and back movement long time to find out focusing point.The best focus point is clear. I guess it is due to the good image contrast. That’s my understanding. Moreover I thought I could more push the magnification. BORG fluorite and Vixen’s new eyepiece creates very clean, bright and high contrast image at 208x. Very nice stuff!! One day I want to try with their 2.0mm and 1.6mm models. I’m very curious about that result. Also as advertised by Vixen, good contrast and sharpness entire field of view. The moon surfaces showed me that.


Finally this is one of Vixen Japan page and has intrigued me about this eyepiece most.

hr_g(Strehl ratio from on-axis provided by Vixen Japan)

This shows the big improvement with fast Newtonian scope such as R200SS. So I thought how it performed with fast refractors like BORG.



~ by tedishikawa on June 17, 2016.

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