BORG 90FL with Vixen HF 2.4mm – 2

It looks the typical southern California’s June groom condition these days. But I could somehow manage to quick-view 3 planets and the moon last night. It was only 15 minutes limited observing before the marine layer came up. The sky was hazy and thin cloud. Sp the Mars was so tough to see.


I love this eyepiece. Still bright enough and very comfortable because of high eye point. It was very pleasing view. I didn’t feel I was looking through 2.4mm eyepiece at all. So I decided I would take an another 2.4mm for my 90FL binoscope. But first, I have to prepare for the stable binoscope tracking mount. No tracking is so painful at 200x magnification.

Keep in mind, the two-mirror diagonal always shows me the right planet faces. No mirrored image. In my opinion, that’s very important for the right remembering of visual observing. The old school book might say this is over-power. But at least I don’t feel any negative thing. Probably the modern technology might have broken through the old theory. Each user should judge by itself anyway. The key point is each user feels good or not. At least I’m so pleased. So I don’t hesitate to recommend these eyepieces for BORG fluorite users as my personal experience.


I’m eager for totally clear sky ASAP.



~ by tedishikawa on June 14, 2016.

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