Takahashi PM-1 & Astro photo

First, I’d like to thank everyone who placed orders for BORG items during special sale period. We received orders more than expected. So some objectives have been back-ordered. Please be patient for customers who are still waiting.

I converted my PM-1 into the single axis tracking unit like some others. PM-1’s payload is publicized as 5kg “excluding the counterweight”. In general, load capacity for portable mounts is rated as “no- counterweight”. So in this setup, I might be able to say something around 10kg(??). That’s big number as the category of portable mounts.

Look at this, very solid shape.

Also keep in mind, PM-1 has the built-in alt-az adjustment function. That’s very valuable along with factory-installed precision polar scope. These two features are generally under-estimated. But in my opinion, they are very important fundamental functions as the mount.

PM-1 is very attractive as versatility, solidness, load capacity and tracking performance.

This configuration allows to use all of PM-SP accessories. So you can build up more compact GEM setup similar to PM-SP GEM mode, but more payload and better tracking performance.


For some testing, I attached Losmandy saddle and a prototype dovetail bar.

The bar allows to set Arca Swiss panning head at the both ends and to eliminate counterweight. So we can set two optics side-by-side. The above setup is well balanced. Fortunately, Losmandy saddle’s center hole exactly matches with polar scope opening window. It’s not large enough, but somehow still looks usable.

Victor Bertol, Spain sent me a beautiful image. He is using the legendary 0.65X ED reducer. This was really nice stuff.

m20 m8 full 3000_small

Wide field M8 and M20 region
Lagoon Nebula and Trifid Nebula
Losmandy G11
BORG 77ED F4.3
24×300″ ISO1600
From Poyales del Hoyo (Avila)


~ by tedishikawa on June 13, 2016.

One Response to “Takahashi PM-1 & Astro photo”

  1. Hello. I’d appreciate a little more details on the tracking performance of the mount. What would be typical unguided exposures for 300mm lens for example?


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