Vixen HR 2.4mm Eyepiece with BORG 90FL

As mentioned earlier, I thought Vixen new eyepiece – HR series were good match with BORG’s short focal length scopes for planet observing. So I got the one for testing and looked around trees from my office now.

hr24Left : 208x with 90FL (500mm)

Right : 164x with 90FL, Japanese OR-7 and BORG 2.3x barlow

It’s hard to describe since I’m not an experienced visual observer. Also I’ve never done visual side-by side test either. But at least I can say there is nothing negative for HR2.4 at all.  It doesn’t look darker and less contrast at such high power. HR2.4’s 10mm eye relief with eye guard is clearly winner. It’s quite comfortable. Eye relief and image brightness lets me forget it is over 200x viewing through 2.4mm focal length.  I’m not sure the sky will be clear tonight. I look forward to testing with planets ASAP. As described by Vixen, probably HR2.4 should be clearly better at the edge of field of view. So I might be able to see the difference of edge distortion when I look at the moon. I don’t have premium-called eyepieces. But I believe the combination of BORG 2.3x and Masuyama-made Ortho is not too bad for planets at all either. At least it’s favorite for me. So this should be still good enough as the comparison standard.

~ by tedishikawa on June 8, 2016.

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