BORG 90FL Bino & New Bino Mount

Although it was the new moon weekend, I decided to stay at home and enjoy the visual observing for 3 planets. As mentioned several times, I was using 90FL bino for solar observing. But I don’t remember I used it night time. It’s shame….. Anyway, I enjoyed 2 nights observing very much. All were very pleasing and good color contrast. Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, all 3 are there at the same sky. Very nice!


This is one of my most favorite optical system at this moment. BORG 125SD bino was great. I can’t still forget about Jupiter image through two 125SDs. Best ever Jupiter for myself. But a bit too bulky for my needs. 90FL is the good size. Easy to carry and set. Drawback is only the mount – single fork and no tracking capability. I understand there are many single fork tracking mounts in the today’s market. But double fork is always best setup for binoscope. Stability is completely different. I was using Vixen HF mount with 125SD. It was very stable. But unfortunately not tracking capability. So the target was going out of the view quickly at higher power. This one does well. Very painful.

I have started the new project – double fork tracking mount. I will show it up here whenever it will be ready for the public appearance.

My maximum power was 92x only this time. Not enough. I have some shorter eyepieces. But those are all single each. Now I’m shopping around new eyepieces. If someone tried to use Vixen HR, let me know your feeling. I’m interested in that. This looks eliminating barlows and good match with relatively fast f-ratio scopes.


~ by tedishikawa on June 6, 2016.

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