BORG 55FL F3.6 with QSI and Fuji

Thanks for choosing more 55FL F3.6 these day. It looks getting hot. Yes, it’s 200 mm super telephoto lens not compared with any others. David Lozano keeps sending more new images. These were taken with his QSI 683. M8/20 Ha image shows very nice field of view even with relatively small sensors such as KAF8300. And wow! a lot of faint nebulosities anywhere. If some CCD users are looking for enjoying wider field of view, this is it. Don’t miss BORG special sale.

m8 m20 area Hafilter 13x10min 5-26-2016 final LR

And surprisingly Leo Triplet taken by 200mm. Generally too short for this kind of target. But looks well resolved even in small scope.

triplet_LRGB_DBE  5-26-2016 PI final LR

And followings were taken by BORG optical designer with Fuji stocked X-E1 camera. As expected, Fuji camera can capture Ha signal very well. One day I want to try with my Fuji camera too.




~ by tedishikawa on May 27, 2016.

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