Mercury Transit in Poland & SONY Action Camera

One of Hinode SG customers – Marek Pacuk, Poland sent me his result.


Hinode Solar Guider mounted onto Lunt LS60THa/B1200/tilt, single stack, with PGR Blackfly mono gige camera (IMX249), set on SW NEQ-6, which was not aligned with Polaris at all – see attachment. Color added in post-processing. Szczecin, Poland.

Although some clouds were passing time to time, he could complete the imaging session to the end. Congratulations!!

And Here is a new member of my camera family. As a camera freak,  I was always watching an action camera too. I noticed recently SONY released the nice complete sets including the waterproof housing and a wrist watch type remote controller.Also I was curious how the back illuminated sensor was too. Unfortunately, longest shutter speed is 1/30″. So I don’t think I can use for night sky.

0513aFirst, I wanted to use this camera for the ocean sailing. It was so hard to use conventional camera on the sailboat because it was bumpy and rolling so much. I can’t stand up without holding something. So I need the hands-free camera. Today, I just got it and started playing around.

Taken in wide mode. It’s well wide. I guess it has almost 150 degree field of view. Nice.

Remote controller is very nice, which makes me feeling a kid.  It works as a live view monitor. So I can compose the camera while looking at the watch. It’s fun. Carl Zeiss branded lens (SONY-made?), back-illuminated new SONY sensor, built-in image stabilizer, waterproof housing and wrist watch type controller. And HD 60p at 50Mbps transfer rate. Looks nice video performance too. For me. it’s great value. This item made me very happy too. Thanks SONY.



~ by tedishikawa on May 13, 2016.

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