Mercury Transit at Salton Sea – 2

These are the gear I prepared for this event. It was the right decision to take BORG 90FL binoscope. As expected, twin scopes’ viewing shocked me so much and I said “Wow!!” myself at first glance. The view was so great. Thanks for IDAS broadband solar filter. It gave me the clean and high contrast view. I don’t hesitate to tell IDAS solar filter has nothing to be compared with any other broadband filters available in the market. It’s clearly the top. Also unlike conventional diagonal, two erecting mirrors allow me to memorize the true direction of Mercury movement into the brain. That’s really important too.

These experiences strongly encouraged me to take BORG binoscope for next year’s total eclipse. I’m eager to see the prominence during the totality though binoscope. It must be spectacular.

This is 3-minute interval time-lapse movie. Duration is around 5 hours 30 minutes. I recommend viewing in larger screen mode since the Mercury is tiny. The Mercury is moving up while dancing around.

Thanks a lot Hinode SG and I would like to applaud to its designer – Jim Windlinger. This result reminds me of the bitter result for last time’s Venus transit. At that time, I had to keep manually centering the sun frequently during its passing. But it didn’t work well. Centering was too coarse. So I gave up creating time-lapse movie. Moreover, I lost the relax time to enjoy visual observing since I had to keep paying attention to the tracking corrections. Now Hinode SG gives me completely “touch-free” stance for imaging and the relax time. Unfortunately, it was a bit too early morning to take beer this time though. Anyway, it’s huge improvement for the imaging result as well as “how-to enjoy” during the solar event.

As one of users, I’m really proud of owning BORG binoscope and Hinode SG. I’m sure these are the ultimate items for these kinds of solar events.

BTW, following two panoramas shows 360 degree view at the west side of Salton Sea. Very flat and open. When I arrived there, it was still completely dark and I said, Wow!!  I could see stars even lower angle at 360 degree any direction. I’ve never had such experience before.


DSC_0727It was very nice journey. I was alone though. I want to thank the unexpected clouds. The clouds forced me to unwillingly drive further east direction. One day I wish to take a circular fish eye lens there. The result might be a kind of the special.

~ by tedishikawa on May 11, 2016.

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