Mercury Transit at Salton Sea -1

This event was much more challenging than thought first. It was the hassle with clouds.Eventually I decided to go to Salton Sea. A bit long drive during mid night, but it was worth making extra efforts. Sunrise (=Hinode), its transit already begun in California. Fortunately completely clear sky horizon to horizon.

One of shots around middle of the transit.


IDAS broadband solar filter 82mm + BORG 89ED + 1.4x teleconverrer + Panasonic GX-8, tracked by Hinode SG

From now, I need to create 6 hours transit movie.  Salton Sea, 1st time for me. It turned the memorable journey.

I will continue to report more details later on.


~ by tedishikawa on May 9, 2016.

One Response to “Mercury Transit at Salton Sea -1”

  1. I used my Borg 100 achromatic with a Baader filter and my 76ED with a 60mm Coronado filter to watch the transit near NYC. Clear day from just after the entry to just before the end of the transit at 245. Beautiful! But only visual, couldn’t get good focus with tons of turbulence.

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