UV Imaging with IDAS UV372-80

Although I’m not sure which is the best target for UV imaging, I start testing with a small flower in front of my office. The time taken was 4 pm and almost overcast condition. So I don’t think it’s ideal for UV imaging. But El-Nikkor is well known as relatively high UV transmission lens. This lens allows me to shoot hand-held under such circumstances. Also I’m not sure this flower is the proper target or not. It’s there in front of me anyway.

uvUV : With IDAS UV370 filter and EL-Nikkor 80 mm, 1/350″ at F5.6 & ISO 5000

My understanding so far is,  the dark portion shows UV absorption in this picture and it’s slightly different depending on a kind of flower, and  bees and butterflies etc are looking for honey from UV reflection. I guess it should be so hard for regular lenses to take UV hand-held in this condition.




IR : With Hoya R72 (just curious)


System configuration

Thanks for a mirror less camera, which allowed me to easily focus UV and IR through EVF. I will study more about UV and continue to take UV imaging. Then, I might be able to see something new and different.

Unlike other UV-pass filters available in the market, IDAS UV is well blocking NIR portion. Virtually no NIR leak allows for high contrast UV imaging.


~ by tedishikawa on May 3, 2016.

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