New US Dealer & Sigma Art Lenses

Seattle-based Cloud Break Optics now becomes one of Hutech partners in US and starts carrying several Hutech-related products in stock.

cboAn Owner of the company – Matt Dahl is an experienced and serious astrophothgrapher. So I’m confident he will fully support you at all of aspects you will face. Especially for California customers, you will have a great astro shop outside the state but still close enough to avoid the extra cost. Please enjoy shopping with them.

These days I notice more people are selecting Sigma Art lenses. Yes, they are excellent quality and performance. I own 50 mm and 20 mm. I used to test 35 mm provided from Sigma. It was great result too. But personally I already owned 50 mm and thought 35 mm was a bit too close to 50 mm. When 20 mm was released, I jumped to get 20 mm. I didn’t need to time to spend considering. As expected, 20 mm is surprisingly very well too. Here is 3 brothers of F1.4 Art series. From top, 50 mm, 35 mm and 20 mm.


If someone are looking highest quality wide-angle lens, this is it.

You can see some my previous posts on Sigma.

Finally here is the article on 50 mm written by Terry Dickinson. I have exactly same feeling as his.

Sigma is the excellent company who is still designing and producing in Japan. I’m proud of their spirit. Go Sigma. I’m eagerly waiting for a new Foveon based mirrorless camera, which is expected to come up this summer. Definitely I should get the one. Probably it might still not suitable for deepsky targets. But I expect how it works for lunar and solar imaging.



~ by tedishikawa on April 29, 2016.

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