BORG Black Velvet Sheet

One of BORG scope advantages is the easy access to inside tube assembly because of modular design. So it’s quite easy to add a black velvet sheet inside tube.BORG sheet is not flimsy paper. It’s resin-made industrial quality and black velvet well prevents the inside of the tube from reflections. See my comparison test.

7051 is added in front of a 205 mm long tube. As you can see, obviously improved. I’m sure this makes the difference of image contrast.

If your system includes 25 mm, 50 mm or 100 mm long tube, remove the objective lens section and look into the scope from the rear side to see any reflections inside. Keep in mind, a threaded connection portion is a part of reflection too. So I put 10 mm wide sheet on a threaded section too.

Following was my previous test for FTF-M57, just for your reference.

For the users who own recent reducers such as 7872 and 7880, this is not required since the reducer’s lens portion goes inside of FTF’s drawtube.

Please enjoy BORG advantage to achieve maximum performance and maintain good shape inside long time.

BORG velvet sheet is available at part # 5020. 

This is a highly recommended item.



~ by tedishikawa on April 27, 2016.

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