BORG Dovetail Plate

I have completed to switch all of my previous plates and saddle to Arca Swiss style. I love new interface because of more compact and lighter. I totally feel it’s the best fit with BORG. So I wanted to evaluate such feeling numerically. plateLeft is my previous Vixen-compatible plate and Saddle. Right is Arca Swiss clamp head and BORG dovetail plate (#3200)

Each weight is;

BORG 3200 : 115g & 235g with clamp

Losmandy plate : 265g & 665g(!!) with saddle

So “before” was almost 3 times heavier. This is big difference. Obviously D-series plate is much heavier.

BORG dovetail plate is nicely designed and machined to reduce its weight while maintaining the stiffness. Probably machining cost must be more than normal plate like above Losmandy one because of the complexity of machining.

Extra benefit after changing to Arca Swiss mounting interface is to make switching between telescopes and camera lens setup more convenient.

I highly recommend BORG users Arca Swiss setup. Various plates and clamps are available in the market too.




~ by tedishikawa on April 20, 2016.

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