BORG 107FL Update

A tester, Nakanishi san is still doing the great efforts to keep updating on 107FL. Both images were taken with 107FL + 7108 (1.08x flattener) + ST-8300M and ST-8300C. So color signal is captured by ST-8300C.


107FL(M51 1.08DG ST-8300)

M3’s each star is well isolated even in such a relatively short focal length for these kind of targets. See in full resolution format. Also very colorful. I think the color shows us the refractor and fluorite advantage – good color contrast. This 650 mm focal length scope looks having good resolving capability. According to him, M51 image might have got a little soft because of focus shift by temperature drop during exposure. But still looks good to me. I was told the fluorite is so sensitive to the temperature. So that might often happen, especially in larger aperture.

These images again proves 7108’s universal capability as a multi flattener. It should be able to optically works with most of refractors including non-BORG scopes. This configuration makes 650 mm / F6. I think it’s not too slow yet for today’s sensitive cameras.

107FL(1.08DG ST-8300)


~ by tedishikawa on April 13, 2016.

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