BORG Fork Mount (#3101) with Takahashi PM-SP

When I was in Japan last month, I suggested BORG to re-machine 3101’s saddle interface for Arca Swiss-compatible, so that each user can have various dovetail plate options. So far, BORG dedicated plate is only way to use with. I received 1st sample today and start playing around with BORG 67FL. This time, I used BORG-made 8991 Arca Swiss mounting bracket.

As shown above, this 67FL easily points to the zenith. Moreover, even the scope can point toward the north pole too. Virtually fork mount’s all-sky version. I’m sure 71FL can cover most of sky area too. I will verify that later.

Some good features for this Takahashi setup are to;

  • allow to slide a fork mount for proper RA’s weight balance.  Generally most of portable mounts only allow to set at the center of RA axis. That most likely makes the overall weight balance way out. That should affect the proper tracking speed.
  • allow for polar alignment while leaving a fork mount.

Personally I love this grab-n-go setup. This gives me the fun for manual star-hopping along with 3101’s slow motion controls and setting circles while tracking in equatorial mode. This is the classic astronomy I’m more interested in these days. I will try to enjoy sky-surfing once the summer constellations will be coming up.



~ by tedishikawa on March 26, 2016.

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