Nikon Gelatin Filter Holder & IDAS Solar Filter

I recalled I have Nikon gelatin filter holder – AF-2 and thought I might be able to use it as a quick filter release at the totality of solar eclipse. So I start playing it around. I found AF-2 has 82 mm threads outside and 72 mm for lens side.

That’s very fortunate. Nikon made 82 mm thread for a hood. So AF-2 allows to use IDAS 82 mm UHB52 filter as 72 mm (or a bit less strictly speaking) effective aperture. That’s good 1st step anyway.

I further researched and noticed Nikon sells AF-3 and 4. AF-4 has 95 mm filter thread at the lens side. That’s large enough for 82 mm filter and a proper stepping ring is available too. But unfortunately I couldn’t figure out what thread outside. They sell a hood for AF-4 called HN-37 as an option. So it must be threaded like AF-2. If someone who view this blog here own AF-4 or know specs, please let me know. One day I will try to get AF-4 anyway though.

This looks my quick filter release solution for next year’s total eclipse.



~ by tedishikawa on March 16, 2016.

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