Solar Scope & Panasonic GX8 Test

I resume solar image test.

 50 Achromat/F16 (800mm) + IDAS 52mm UHB52 filter + Panasonic GX8, single shot at 1/4000″

BORG 89ED/F6.7 (600mm) + IDAS 82mm UHB52 filter + Panasonic GX8, single shot at 1/6400″

89ED + IDAS 82mm was obviously winner. I noticed the image contrast and sharpness was clearly different even when I was trying to focus through viewfinder. I will continue to test 50mm to 50mm aperture test with Ha filter for conclusion. I think Ha filter can eliminate the factor of 50ach chromatic aberration. Maybe I can more fairly compare.

At least today I’m glad to know Panasonic camera performed as I expected before. Now I’m feeling the camera has the sufficient number of resolution. GX8 has 20MP in 4/3rds sensor. Take a look at a single shot full resolution image. Today’s tiny spot was well resolved. This 89ED image result have assured me GX8 is a best solar camera for myself right now. I’m satisfied with that. One solar scope for Mercury transit should be 89ED + IDAS 82mm + GX8.


~ by tedishikawa on March 15, 2016.

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