CP+2016 – 3

Carbon tubes have been more refined and looks the commercial grade now.

cp2016fBiggest advantage is a drawtube section. This section is one of heaviest parts among BORG optical system. I put 71FL objective together with carbon-made tube assembly. Wow!! weight is nothing. I didn’t feel lifting a telescope. BORG tube assembly is already lighter than any other telescopes. But this makes it further lighter. It’s hard to describe here. But it was really light. You will see later.

cp2016hMany paid the attention to these setup. Small BORG with smartphone attachment.

cp2016gAnd BORG and UNITEC joint marketing. Unitec is the high-end portable mount manufacturer, fully produced in Japan. All are beautifully machine-made.From left, GEM mode with 90FL F4, single fork with 71FL F4 and twin 55FL F3.6. Very versatile!

106 mm diameter and 210 tooth wheel achieves tracking stability along with heavy payload – top of the line is 15 kg!!  They specify tracking accuracy +/- 7 arc seconds. It’s amazing! Looking best match with Black BORG as shown above. After meeting with its owner, it’s agreed Hutech will start marketing overseas.


With PoleMaster. I will keep posting on this high end portable mount time to time.

~ by tedishikawa on March 8, 2016.

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