CP+ 2016 – 2

So many numbers of people visited BORG booth entire 4-day show. All BORG staff were so hard to go out for lunch. I also had the chance to discuss the new business opportunity with several potential dealers in Asian countries.Thanks for stopping by BORG booth. I will be there next year too.


Hot product this year was 107FL. Finally the green light has turned on for the commercial production. Schedules within this year. No price set yet.

cp2016b107mm/F5.6 in series 80 configuration

To avoid mechanical vignetting through series 80 tubes, BORG has designed the sliding extension tube. When the scope is in use, the tube must be fully extended. But don’t worry, it is firmly locked on with lens cell section. So it still completely retains the collimation.

cp2016aFully retracted, So compact!!  It’s a great 4″-plus travel scope. The above shows a new M75 helical focuser.

cp2016eFrom left, Mini Borg mounting ring(#7065 : available this spring), Arca Swiss mounting bracket(#8992: in stock), M57 low-profile helical focuser(#7752, more optimized for astro use(sated below) and M75 helical focuser (#7875: available this spring)

7762 is mechanically same as 7761.But it uses heavier grease. I feel I can control focusing more little by little.  I’m not sure how I can describe the feeling, something like “smoothly heavy and slow”. It’s also good in extremely cold condition too. I’m confident astro people like this feeling while birders like 7761-like light touching.

Continues to #3 next time……..


~ by tedishikawa on March 6, 2016.

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